KOLAR in figures

fk KOLAR - a cross-border cooperation

  • 200 employees currently work at our locations. Of these, around 30 are at least bilingual.
  • The production area and stocks cover 22,000m²
  • We currently have 2,600m³ of sawn timber in stock
  • 60 machines are in operation in our 12 production departments
  • We deliver 60 orders a day
  • Our export markets range from Hong Kong to the USA
  • 75% of our products are custom-made according to customer requirements
  • Our article warehouse comprises 550,000 units and there is almost daily factory traffic between the two locations
  • Every year more than 100,000 meters of handrail are manufactured and more than 150,000 pieces of wooden grids are produced
  • Did you know that certain types of sawn timber are dried for up to 1.5 years in our drying chambers to ensure that the wood moisture is correct?

Our project in 2022

In order to bring our two locations even closer together and to accelerate data and information internally, we will introduce a new cross-company software system in 2022. Our customers, employees and partners should benefit from this.