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Hotel "Forellenhof"`s restaurant in Puchberg


For the refurnishing of the hotel "Forellenhof"`s restaurant in Puchberg am Schneeberg (Austria) Stepwood® Original oak sanded was used by joinery Schalko.

  • © Charly Baldrian, urwichtig.com36_1 Forellenhof
  • © Charly Baldrian, urwichtig.com36_2 Forell
  • © Charly Baldrian, urwichtig.com36_3
  • © Charly Baldrian, urwichtig.com36_4
  • 36_1 Forellenhof
  • 36_2 Forell
  • 36_3
  • 36_4

Product Group

Stepwood® Original oak sanded


Wall and Ceiling Cladding


Puchberg am Schneeberg, Austria


Schalko Tischlerei (A)