Kolar is a reliable partner for the industry

Hotels, in which the interiors were refined by various KOLAR-products; furniture, doors and windows produced with semi-finished products from KOLAR; yachts, which are furnished with KOLAR-products; caravans in which design ideas are put into practice by KOLAR, - these are just some examples from a long list of ideas, which KOLAR realized in collaboration with its partners from industry.

We develop according to the order - in the desired quality and with experience

Kolar has been supplying industry with wooden supplier parts for many years: special profiles and special products through to complex semi-finished or finished components. You determine the level of finish, which means an individual commissioning and identification. This saves you time and money and gives you enormous competitive advantages.
Our offer is aimed at series manufacturers and commission manufacturers alike. With quality and the highest precision, we contribute to your product.

 Assured quality

Assured quality

  • only prime woods for our products
  • ISO standards in and around our production
  • annual audits as the basis of our partnership
  • network of certified partner companies

Profit from

  • our stock products with immediate availability
  • the professional prefabrication of numerous semi-finished products
  • the modern product plants
  • our well-stocked timber warehouse
  • the paint shop with the latest technology
  • flexible transport solutions

Profit from
We offer

We offer

  • A sophisticated quality management system
  • Professionally competent contact person
  • Advice and optimization during the development of your product
  • Network of certified partner companies
  • Sample production in shape and color
  • In-house tool manufacture for one-off tools and series productions

We process

  • Soft and hard woods from sustainable forestry
  • on request using FSC® or PEFC-certified material
  • Wood-based panels (e.g. MDF, plywood, ...)
  • Raw materials provided by the customer
  • All common surface materials and paint systems
  • Fittings and other components required for the semi-finished or finished product

We process
Additional offers

Additional offers

  • Delivery times based on customer requirements
  • True-to-sample raw materials and surfaces
  • Warehousing of specific raw materials, components and finished products
  • Required batch sizes up to batch size 1
  • Coordinated packaging type and size
  • Single item identification for commission items

Special wishes?

Then you are right with us. We specialize in custom-made products in wood.

Do you fit into one of the following occupational groups?

Property fitter
Hotel fitter
Yacht manufacturer
Ship outfitter
Caravan producer
Furniture manufacturer
Window manufacturer
Door manufacturer
Shop fitter
Timber or Facade construction
Floor manufacturer
Staircase builder

Then we are the right partner for you!

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