The design panel with an appealing solid wood look and lively feel

The design panel Wallwood with its embossed surface is constructed with a real wood embossing veneer layer (3.5-4mm) and a 9mm MDF board as carrier material, and a blind veneer on the back. Wallwood is suitable for indoor use. 

Wallwood is available in 4 different designs.  Panels are packed in cardboard boxes. Each carton contains 4 panels (1,1m²), each with a different surface appearance (grain).

Order lacquered surface from 10 boxes (11m² = 40 pcs. panels), delivery time: plus 10 working days.

The panels have the size L 1,250 x W 219 mm,the panel thickness is 14.5mm. The panels are grooved all round for easy and quick assembly and can be installed horizontally or vertically. Use the STEPWOOD® mounting accessories (claw set and mounting moulding) also for the installation of Wallwood panels.

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