Jazz campus Basel


The Jazz campus is a jazz venue in the middle of Basel's old town. The campus accomodates: The Academy of Music, a music school and a jazz club. It is a meeting place and a unique ensemble of buildings within Europe: the jazz campus of the Basel Music Academy and the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland. One of the rooms has used more than 40m² of Kolar's overlapped trellis (UGV3030R27 / 26-90) in unfinished oak. The broken surface achieves both an optical and an acoustic effect: together with the installed substructure, the trellis contributes to an ideal room acoustic.

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Product Group

Overlapped trellis UGV2020R20-90 in walnut lacquered


Wall and Ceiling Cladding


Basel, Switzerland


Hunziker Schreinerei AG (CH)